About Us


Like most girls, Kristan and Erin always joked around about having a Cabana Boy to help complete certain tasks for them. They realized that the term Cabana Boy, can be used to describe many types of men. Whether it’s the pool guy, the ski instructor or the businessman, the Cabana Boy of your dreams is just a sip away. 

Cabana Boys Inc. came about after years of receiving wine glasses for events but not really connecting to them.  That’s when Kristan and Erin decided to make a wine glass collection that gives insight and a funny perspective of what women really want. A hot Cabana Boy that can take you away on a journey that is all your own. We realized everyone has their own idea of a perfect Cabana Boy and that everyone needs one in their life. 

Kristan and Erin collaborated their vast experience in the marketing, financial and creative design fields to bring this great company to life. Their vision was simple: bring joy and laughter to their customers while holding a Cabana Boy, in the palm of their hand.